Cast your minds back to your school youth club days. 

Wouldn’t you love to go back knowing what you know now?

now you can!

We can’t make Freddos 10p again (actually maybe we will), or rid the world of all your old embarrassing school photos BUT we can offer you a second crack of the whip at being a young, care free, funster.

Firstly, jump on board Heisenbar! Our custom-built science lab on wheels! 

We pay homage to one of the science greats, Heisenberg…and well if he’s cool enough for Walter White to take his name then he must have done something right!

Pick a lab partner & immerse yourself in all things molecular.

Get your text books out & follow the instructions to create some kick arse cocktails, guaranteed to evoke some childhood nostalgia.

All rules are made to be broken in our classroom, so don your lab coats one more time & do science right!

Crazy golf, giant games, ping pong, retro games consoles & more…

loser buys the food?

Talking of food! You can even chow down with us but don’t just fill up at the AYC tuck shop! OH NO!

Disco Kitchen are serving their newest street food menu Braise the Lord!

They’re slinging braised meat croquettes, meat filled cheesy chip toasties & braised meat sliders!

Their grub will satisfy any munchies!

So, regress back to a simpler time, be a kid again!


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